Born in Sunderland, UK in 1994.

My practice works across the expanded fields of print, performance, and sculpture. I am interested in how we define, occupy, and operate within space and place. I predominantly use language, both written and spoken, because it is embedded in our everyday lives. As a communication tool, language streamlines questions about space and gives form to it, whilst simultaneously distorting and disrupting it.

I adopt anthropological models of working through recording signifiers of place: street and welcome signs, mapping and historical walking tours, as well as marketing and branding strategies with wayfinding signage by creating my own forms. These adaptations visually replicate the norm but on second glance have marked differences to what is expected. Subsequently, I seek to play with people’s expectations and modes of behaviour that are associated with it. My work aims to act as a trigger to instigate conversations, helping people to move through and look at place through a new lens.

2018-2020 – MA Print – Royal College of Art
2013-2016 – BA(Hons) Fine Art – Kingston University


2020 -RCA Graduate Show - Kristin Hjellegjerde - London Bridge (upcoming)
2020 -Beyond the Frame - Orleans House Gallery - Richmond
2020 -Spout - Ghostwhale - London
2020 -In Review - Southwark Park Galleries - London
2019 -2020: Insight - Soho Revue - London
2019 -A Walk Along the Mitcham Road –Tooting (Performance)
2019 -Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor – Cheeseburn Grange –Northumberland
2019 -No Wall Space Vol 2 – Phoenix, Brighton – Curated by No Wall Space
2019 -Word In Transit #5 Screen Time – London Overground – Curated by Yoke Collective (Performance)
2019 -Swap Editions Edition No.4 : BREX-kit – Creekside Projects –London
2019 -WIP – Royal College of Art - London
2018 -Turducken: Ready Steady Puke – Centrespace Gallery – Bristol
2017 -A Thousand Words – Scaffold Gallery – Manchester
2017 -is this real lyf?? – i.o.u.a.e with B&D studios – Newcastle
2016 -Kingston University Fine Art Degree Show – Kingston
2016 -Show n’ Tell – Platform Gallery – Kingston
2016 -Pylon – Stanley Picker Gallery – Kingston (Collaboration with OX Art)
2015 -Slippers.2 – Maverick Projects – London
2015 -Azure – Harts Lane Studios – London
2014 -Pasteurised Pre-pared Cheese Product – Cavendish Venues– London
2014 -Slippers – Hoxton Basement – London

2018 -Tried Everything/Never Tried – Penny Thoughts – Issue Ten
2017 -The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin – Contributor
2017 -The Dreamers – Contributor
2016 - Search By Image – Online publication - Contributor
2015 - I before E except after B – Novelty Magazine – Issue Two

2020 - Stanley Picker Print Tutorship
2019 - Shortlisted – Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor
2014 - Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship

2019 -Flaneur-er-ing - Project Lead - Walking workshop with publication
2015 -No Working Title - Kingston participant