A Walk Along the Mitcham Road, Tooting

The Mitcham Road, 51.43 latitude to -0.17 longitude located in the London Borough of Wandsworth, more specifically Tooting and even more specifically Tooting Broad- way. Just within zone three and know for its markets and a convenient location on the Northern Line, the tube is also called Tooting Broadway. This tube plays such an important part in Tootings identity, how do I know this? It is my perspective as it was a reason I moved there but I think it is for others too as I see it every morning as I go for the 8.02am Northern Line Service via Charing Cross to work (the last before peak rush hour begins and getting a seat becomes impossible) or when I get the 77 bus from Tooting station at the East end of the Mitcham Road to Waterloo to University. The Mitcham Road is a ‘transit road’ and when I say that I mean it is used by people to get from their A to B; their home to the tube to get to work and back again.
Using Michel de Certeau’s definition of space and place; put simply the physical geography and urban planning of the Mitcham Road are what make it a place (these are the static elements i.e. walkways and buildings) but it is the people moving through, bringing an action e.g. walking or talking to the place activates it and makes turns it into a space.

While on the surface level doing a tour talking about how the road/buildings have changed we also effect a change to type of space and without physical presence interrupted that flow.